Северни Срби

RSS Портал Лужичких Срба – најновији текстови и обавештења (на немачком језику):
  • „Abteil Nr. 6“ startet als Favorit beim 31. FilmFestival Cottbus 20/10/2021
    Mit Wodka, Knoblauch und einem Ex-Knacki geht es mit dem Zug durch die Weiten Sibiriens. Der mit Preisen beim Filmfestival in Cannes überhäufte Film „Abteil Nr.6“ des finnischen Regisseurs Juho Kuosmanen startet gleich zur Eröffnung des 31. FilmFestivals Cottbus (FFC) am 2. November als Favorit im Wettbewerb Spielfilm. „Er erzählt in verträumten Bildern eine unkonventionelle […]
  • Görlitzer Museum führt ins Reich der Pilze 07/10/2021
    „Weder Pflanze noch Tier – Das Reich der Pilze“ zeigt das Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde in Görlitz gerade in einer Sonderausstellung. Pilze sind kaum zu sehen, aber sie sind allgegenwärtig. Sie sind winzig klein und bilden zugleich den größten Organismus der Welt, heißt es dazu aus dem Museum. Und weiter: Pilze vernetzen sich mit Baumwurzeln […]
  • Senftenberger Bühne feiert 75. und kündigt neue Leitung an 30/09/2021
    Happy Birthday, altes Haus! So gratuliert die Senftenberger "neue Bühne" sich selbst. Das Theater wird 75 und richtet "Die große Geburtstagsfeier" am 23. und 24. Oktober aus. Eine bunte Jubiläumsshow – eine zackige Zeitreise in die wechselvolle Vergangenheit im Zickzackkurs wird angekündigt. Dazu gibt es Musik von „Krambambuli“ aus Dresden, die mit ihrem bewegten und […]
RSS Српски музеј у Будишину – новости и обавештења на енглеском језику:
  • Museum tour via QR code 24/06/2020
    Now the audio tour for adults and also the animated children’s tour can be used freely using QR codes and a private mobile device. A link to the museum page opens by scanning or photographing the codes and the respective stations are explained. The audio guide is available in the following seven languages: German, English, […]
  • Tour at the museum 12/06/2020
    Figures of girls from the four Sorbian costume areas pose in front of the house model of the Sorbian Museum. Gotthard Steglich from Steina designed these wooden figures based on the model of the flower girls from the Ore Mountains. In the near future the friends want to take a look at different things in […]
  • Welcoming our visitors with a new inscription 19/05/2020
    Some time ago, part of the new graphical concept was put into effect at the eastern face of our museums building. The logo of the Serbski muzej – Sorbian museum was placed there to ensure easier navigation for visitors coming from the Matthias Tower. Last week followed the attachment of a new inscription at the […]
  • Information for Your Visit to the Sorbian Museum 18/05/2020
    The Sorbian Museum reopened its doors to the public on 5th May 2020. Additional measures are now required with regard to compliance with distancing rules and hygiene regulations. We ask all visitors to follow these corresponding guidelines.  Your Museum Team   Measures for Visitors to the Sorbian Museum According to the legal regulations, wearing a […]
  • Holiday programmes in autumn 2019 07/10/2019
    “SERBSKI STREET STYLE” Do you like fancy fashion? Do you know the Sorbian people and their traditional costumes? Join us, to see, how young students and experienced fashion designers created cool new Sorbian clothes in a modern way. We can do this ourselves! Let us develop patterns and accessories. (material costs: 2€) Dates: 15 October […]
  • Music and Dance at the Sorbian Museum 27/08/2019
    30 August 2019 – 1 September 2019 The Sorbian Museum is open from 10am until 6pm. Our permanent exhibition offers you a wide variety of history, culture and language of the Sorbs living in the Upper and Lower Lusatia. Adult or children audio tours are free of charge! 30 August 2019, at 5 p.m.: “Serbska […]
  • Painting contest of the Sorbian museum “Think of Art!” 11/07/2019
    Painting contest of the Sorbian museum “Think of Art!” 15 July 2019 – 6 September 2019 Strong colours, clear shapes and lots of feeling – all good ingredients to make some art in style of Expressionism. The sorbian artist Jan Buck is famous for this kind of art. Just look at these pictures above! Aren’t […]
  • Holiday programmes of 2019 at the Sorbian museum 01/07/2019
    Don’t you have any idea what to do in your long, long summer holiday? What’s about a trip to us, to the Sorbian museum? We have got one and a half hour time to make something creative and to wander around our exhibitions. Our holiday programm starts always at 1.00 pm. Come on and let’s […]
  • KUNSTBUS and Long Night of the Culture on 15th and 16th of June 2019 05/06/2019
    KUNSTBUS 15/06/2019: 10.00 am until 6.00pm The wheels on the bus go round and round… and will bring you to us, where you can enjoy our permanent exhibition and current special exhibition “Wobrazy krajiny. Podobe pokrajine. Bilder einer Landschaft. Wobraze krajiny.“. In addition to that you can enjoy watching short films of the film festival […]
  • New colleague Alexander Pólk in the Sorbian museum 13/05/2019
    Born in 1990 in Worklecy-Räckelwitz and currently living in Budyšin-Bautzen. In the year 2011, I began my studies in history, political science and musicology at the Technical University of Dresden, which I concluded in 2017 as Master of Arts. As scientific graduate trainee at the Serbski muzej – Sorbisches Museum I am primarily responsible for […]