Israeli borders amid globalisation and regional tensions

Green revolutions/Arab spring 2010/2011 in the North Africa and in the Middle East (MENA region) caused upheavals, changes of autocrats (Egypt and Tunisia), civil war with foreign intervention (Libya), civil unrest and military crackdown of unrest (Syria, Bahrain, Yemen).
Globalisation opposes sovereignty and importance of borders as an expression of national authority and delimitation of power. It goes against sectarian, either religious or ethnic. Do these two processes influence the Peace process between Israel and the Arabs? If yes, do
they have any repercussions on the issue of the Israeli borders? Delimitation between Israel, Palestinian Authority and Arab states is an issue that has existed since the emergence of the Middle East crisis (1948). It is an unalienable part of the peace process because the definition of the state borders is part of the durable peace between the neighbouring countries. Yet, the Israeli borders are an open issue as long as the process of searching for the status of the Palestinian autonomy and its territorial extension lasts.

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