Reconnaissance, Historical-Geography and Toponymy Research of Toplica “Land” with Image Modeling

Project New technologies and reconnaissance and historical- geography and toponymy research of Toplica “land” aims to research the territory of the Toplica land, making the list of all localities dating between prehistory to the 16th century. Some of those are known archeological sites with material remains, and the others devastated throughout the history and witnessed today only by local tradition or toponymy. Both detailed recon-naissance and historical- geography research are conducted through extensive terrain examinations. Besides list-ing of localities, research team is working on gathering and sorting toponymical information. New information will profoundly extend and expand the understanding of this region. Simultaneously, new technologies used within this project would broaden the classic way of researching and thus supplement it with a new element – a possibility of making a precise map of all localities and cultural- historical monuments. All localities, known as well as unknown and undefined, will be mapped and their locations will be presented by the positions gathered from GPS. In addition, localities will be presented in a digital form through numerous photographs and films. For the purpose of the project, two packets were tested: Photoshop and Photosynth, both on the material collected at localities of Toplica land. Testing Photoshop and Photosynth produced impression that Photoshop is more complex for using (with its numerous functions). It is good in image analysis and processing. Photosynth, on the other hand, has created very good 3D effect with its geometric topology of the pictures. Photosynth makes dynamic photos/videos, and allows exploring of places, objects, and events in detail unlike any other media; therefore, it is useful for archeological heritage, as well as all tangible (material) heritage.
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Илустрација: Драгољуб Триндић

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